Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bare Naked Ladies lets fans do remixes - gets extra publicity mileage

This must be a first...guerilla marketing at its best...using new technology to let fans do the work...

I heard about this today on NPR's Day to Day's a very cool idea.

The band Bare Naked Ladies has created a remix sitewhere they've posted "multitracks" for each of their new album's songs. Then with software such as Garageband, users can remix the tracks - and do other things- to make a totally new sound with the same song - but you still have the same melody when including the vocal track.

Then share your remix with the world by posting it back on the remix site. The band liked some, one even rocked 'em, and some they could just do without.

This is a great way to create buzz, get viral, engage your audience, and get mainstream media coverage...I wonder what other bands might follow suit.

All the tracks are copyrighted - you have to pay $2.49 to download each track.

Give a listen to some pretty cool - and really out there - remixes.

Go to the Bare Naked Ladies remix site here.

Go the the Bare Naked Ladies website here.

Read the story or listen to the Day to Day audio piece that includes interviews with BNL singer Steve Page and guitarist Ed Robertson here.

Friday, October 27, 2006

New inspiration to pick up blogging again

I attended an OCIABC meeting yesterday on podcasting, presented by Josh Bancroft, a blogger, podcaster, geek (so he sez - look it up on his blog), that has given me some inspiration to pick up this blogging thing again.

We'll see how this goes. Previously I'd felt that I needed to add at least one post per week. Maybe now that aggregators are de rigeur for serious blog watchers and new posts show up automatically, maybe I can post less often and feel less under pressure to produce something so often.

Thing is, I love the process of writing...and posting to my blog. I love the reflection that it takes to write. I love the physical activity of tapping out a message on the keyboard with the added hopes that someone will actually find interesting what I have to say.

But life seems to get in the way. Other things seem more important, more pressing, needing immediate attention. We'll see how this goes...