Friday, October 27, 2006

New inspiration to pick up blogging again

I attended an OCIABC meeting yesterday on podcasting, presented by Josh Bancroft, a blogger, podcaster, geek (so he sez - look it up on his blog), that has given me some inspiration to pick up this blogging thing again.

We'll see how this goes. Previously I'd felt that I needed to add at least one post per week. Maybe now that aggregators are de rigeur for serious blog watchers and new posts show up automatically, maybe I can post less often and feel less under pressure to produce something so often.

Thing is, I love the process of writing...and posting to my blog. I love the reflection that it takes to write. I love the physical activity of tapping out a message on the keyboard with the added hopes that someone will actually find interesting what I have to say.

But life seems to get in the way. Other things seem more important, more pressing, needing immediate attention. We'll see how this goes...