Thursday, April 22, 2010

Words are pretty much all you need

As one who engages in wordsmithing now and again, I like what Jeff Brooks, over at the Future Fundraising Now blog, said in his post "Words: you have what it takes to motivate people to action":

"So next time you get envious of whiz-bang YouTube videos or other high-production media, remember this: If you can write well, you have everything you need already."

He refers to the Google ad "Parisian Love" that debuted during this year's SuperBowl. It was simple, but compelling because it told a story. Oh, and the sound to go along with it just enhanced the words on the screen.

So, you don't need to have all the fancy stuff, the latest and greatest technology, and all cool techno-gizmos to be convincing. You just need words. Use the right ones. Use 'em well. Use 'em wisely. Use 'em to tell a great story.

Monday, April 19, 2010

25 Free Educational Resources Online - The Causemopolitan

Pretty much all of us like FREE stuff.

Even better when it's easily available online, 24/7, whenever you want to reach for it.

And free stuff that helps you learn stuff is even better.

25 Free Educational Resources Online - The Causemopolitan

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn

Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn

Conventional wisdom is that in addition to a Facebook page, you ought to be on LinkedIn. I've been on LinkedIn for a few years now, but I know I've not fully utilized LinkedIn's features and capabilities.

In this article, Guy Kawasaki offers some tips.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Where the Tea Partiers Should Go From Here :: Karl Rove

Where the Tea Partiers Should Go From Here :: Karl Rove

Democrats are trying to paint the tea party movement as "right wing nut jobs."

Well, the Dems and Left Wing have their own nut jobs, too. As Paul Westcott says on White House Briefing Radio, every group has its nut jobs... and that's not just political groups. It's just that political and religious groups tend to attract the most media attention.

Here's what Karl Rove says in his March 31 column in the Wall Street Journal about why Dems are attacking tea partiers:

"...Democrats are attacking the tea party movement because it is a new force that's bringing millions of here-to-fore unengaged Democrats, independents and Republicans into the political arena. If there's something a ruling party doesn't like, it's a new political player converting spectators into participants.
The Democrats are particularly concerned because the No. 1 target of the tea partiers—ObamaCare—is not rising in public opinion polls. It remains as unpopular as before it was jammed through Congress..."

Read the entire piece here.