Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Fires Juan Williams for Being Honest - NPR Fires Juan Williams; Fox News Expands His Role

So, what does it take?

When will people recognize that sharing honest feelings about something or someone IS NOT bigotry? (An aside: Just because I don't agree with Barack Obama's policies or politics doesn't make me racist. How absurd is that kind of thinking? If it were so, more than half the country would be considered bigots.)

Where's the bigotry in Juan Williams statements? I see none. Read the article and see the entire context. Listen to the audio and watch the video in the entire context. Where, I ask, is the bigotry? If you're being truly honest with yourself, how can you completely, truly, honestly say that Williams' statements are bigoted? The truth is, he's verbalized what I'm sure so many of us feel. And that doesn't make us all bigoted.

Juan Williams' firing for being open and honest is outrageous!

And the NPR execs who made the decision are cowards and shortsighted for not standing on their own two feet and seeing Williams' statements for what they are.


We need more in the media who are willing to be so honest.

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